ATS Team

The staff at ATS has more than 70 years of combined experience in the field of addiction treatment. When you make the decision to change your way of life, we can help guide you in this important transformation. The disease of addiction threatens every aspect of your life – family, friends, employment, education, health, and spiritual well-being – every single day. Our staff understands this and knows know how important this is.

Executive Team

Josie Herndon CEO/Founder
ATS-Bio-JimHerndon Jim Herndon, PA-C Co-Founder/Physicians Assistant

Clinical Team

Dr. Ray Montella Clinical Director & Licensed Clinical Psychologist PSY-27062
Sharon Rain Clinical Outreach Coordinator
ATS-BioMarkWorthington Mark Worthington, Counselor


2009_0113Landsend0007 Chelsie Ramirez Marketing Director


2009_0113Landsend0007 Juliana Weed / Primary Counselor


2009_0113Landsend0007 Christopher Jones / Director of Finance


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