sharonSharon Rain began working in the alcoholism and drug recovery field in the late 1960s. As a counselor in the Alcohol Safety Action project in Lincoln, Nebraska, she lectured, counseled and facilitated groups for individuals who had been arrested for DUI.  Committed to working with these individuals, she later decided to become a probation officer for a DUI program.

Sharon continued counseling in city and county programs and graduated magna cum laude from Nebraska University in 1984 with a degree in Social Work. In 1985, she began working at the Betty Ford Center in California as an Inpatient Counselor l. She then spent 17 years as Counsellor II for Betty Ford’s Outpatient Family program where she also supported the “It Happens to Boys, Too” conferences.  Sharon came to Advanced Therapeutic Services in April 2014 as a Regional Outreach & Referral Coordinator.
“I am with Advanced Therapeutic Services as the Regional Outreach & Referral Coordinator because I love interacting with my fellow human beings, and I believe in the ability to change what isn’t working in our lives. We all deserve support, and I see counseling for the alcoholic/addict and their family members as a blessing. Understanding and accepting addiction, dealing with feelings and emotions, and identifying and changing unhealthy behaviors can be daunting without appropriate assistance.  Advanced Therapeutic Services offers a multidimensional program for the alcoholic/addict and their family.  With their competent, truly caring and experienced counselors, ATS can support recovery now and after graduation when necessary. I see the Herndons, as well as ATS counselors and therapists, as consistently striving to give the best to their clients.”