When someone is struggling with a serious drug addiction it is not only the person with the addiction that suffers. It wreaks havoc on your relationships, your finances, your ability to do your job and your day to day activities. One of the side effects of a severe drug addiction that is often missed is the fact that you lose all interest in things that have always had meaning such as your family, your career, your hobbies and your future. If your substance abuse problem is very severe, it can even impact your enjoyment of things such as, hobbies that you normally love.

Once you decide you have had enough, its time to ask for help. Its time to find the best drug rehab available. ATS is the premier drug rehab facility nestled in the beautiful valley below the San Jacinto Mountain Range in California. Drug rehab can be expensive but with United Healthcare your costs can be reduced and sometimes my even be fully covered.

Will Your Insurance Help Cover the Costs of Rehab?

With the passing of The Affordable Care Act, or ACA, getting coverage for alcoholism or drug addiction is more likely to have benefits available because it has been classified as a medical condition or as a disease. With that classification coverage must be comparable to coverage for other diseases such as cancer or diabetes.

Once you have been diagnosed with alcoholism or a substance abuse disorder by a medical professional, your United Healthcare provider will offer coverage based on your policy. What is and is not covered is best left to your qualified staff member at ATS.

Depending on the level of care needed, and the quality of the drug rehab you are planning to complete your treatment your benefits will vary in coverage. There can be several factors that will help in getting you the best coverage available. Most insurers want the drug rehab to be CARF accredited to qualify as a provider. Deciphering the information is difficult. We can help. Call the ATS admissions team today 760.322.1777.

What Does United Healthcare Drug Rehab Coverage Look Like?

United Healthcare is one of the nation’s largest insurance providers. As one of the largest it is also one of the most comprehensive and has a broadest offerings of drug rehab coverage. Determining what services, you require and what services your particular plan includes. There are many factors that will determine the length of time of your stay in in treatment.

Your first step is to call the ATS admissions line at 760.322.1777 where you will begin the admissions process with one of our qualified admissions team members. Your admissions counselor will ask a series of questions including medical, social, and addiction related issues. This will allow them to determine the appropriate level and exact treatment plan that will give you the best possible chance for long term recovery.

One of the important bits of information will be how long you will be able to stay in treatment. Your United Healthcare drug rehab coverage will cover some of your treatment costs but just how much will be determined by several factors

Your United Healthcare plan will cover individual therapy. Some therapy is focused on determining your substance abuse problem and what needs to be done for your recovery. Other types of therapy will have you looking into why you started in the first place. Group therapy gives you access to both professional therapy as well as time with your peers, all who are struggling and striving for a life of recovery.

United Healthcare drug rehab coverage includes your detox to insure a safe journey to sobriety. Why additional services are covered depends on your drug rehab coverage, your medical necessity and your willingness to do what needs to be done to recover.

Why is Treatment at Quality Rehab Facility So Important?

Receiving your substance abuse treatment at a quality At ATS, as a United Healthcare in-network provider, the best comprehensive care is available in a serene, safe and professional setting. From the moment you step in the doors of ATS your journey begins. You will never have to struggle alone again. Our staff and your peers will become your family and your doorway to happiness. The goal is long term sustainable recover from alcoholism and drug addiction. Clients at ATS have some of the best services offered including the following:

  • Family program
  • Weekly one-on-on therapy sessions with credential therapist
  • Group counseling
  • CBT
  • DBT
  • Experiential expressive therapies
  • Health and Wellness
  • Mental health

Your Battle ends NOW. Victory over addiction starts TODAY! Call ATS Now: 760.322.1777