Addiction Treatment

Addiction Treatment Programs in Rancho Mirage

Receiving addiction treatment at Addiction Therapeutic Services will provide you with the foundation and tools to recover.  ATS offers drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs in the Coachella Valley in Rancho Mirage, CA. The treatment program philosophy utilizes an abstinence-based model. Each client receives an individualized treatment plan based on their initial assessments and on-going progress reviews. The ATS Treatment Team employs highly experienced addiction doctors, clinicians, and support staff. The addiction treatment programs are comprehensive offering individual therapy, group therapy, medication management, support services,  and case management for your unique needs.

Program Core

  • Individual Therapy
  • Educational Lectures
  • Spirituality Groups
  • Nutrition and Mindful Eating
  • Health and Physical Wellness
  • KICS (Knowledge, Insight, Coping Skills, Support)
  • Family Program
  • 12-step Meetings Available
  • Process Groups

Additional Services & Offerings

  • Comprehensive Assessments
  • Weekly Aftercare Group (no fee)
  • Monthly Educational Lunch-and-Learn (no fee)
  • Highly Trained & Licensed Treatment Professionals
  • Therapeutic Environment Designed for Healing

Insurance Accepted & Affordable Rates

Financing Options Available

A Space For Healing…And Merging Back Into Your Life.

ATS offers flexible scheduling including day and evening treatment programming.  We help coordinate detoxification and can assist with setting up residential accommodations or sober living.

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