One of the most common concerns there is after completion of a residential inpatient drug rehab program is how to continue the path of healing and a life of recovery. While in a residential treatment all triggers, stressors and worries are set aside, making it safe and easy to focus on your health and wellbeing and face the consequences of alcohol and drug abuse. Studies have shown that for the best chance of a lifetime of recovery and freedom from drug and alcohol abuse it is best to continue your treatment process. The next step after residential treatment is usually an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP).

With years of experience and success of our clients, The professionals and support team here at ATS understand how important alcohol and drug Intensive Outpatient programs are to the success of long term recovery and rehabilitation of those suffering with substance abuse. The goal of the Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is for the person committed to continuing their path of freedom from addiction to have a continuum of care and ongoing therapy and support that makes abstinence from alcohol abuse and drug addiction possible. The long term goal is always for the alcoholic or addict to live independently, secure in their surroundings and fully integrated into the mainstream of life, free of the bounds of alcohol and drug addiction and the spiritual and mental challenges that are at the base of their internal pain.

Many how come to drug rehab have lost or never had the life skills, emotional ability or drive to live happily in the world. At ATS, our programing not only focuses on mental and emotional wellbeing, but we also emphasis life skills, social interactions, career and goal planning, overcoming challenges and what long term recovery means.

Intensive Outpatient Program’s allow for continuing therapeutic support as well as peer support so important in long term freedom of substance abuse. Accountability and commitment are tools that our clients practice on a daily in the IOP program at ATS..

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