So, you have problems with alcohol and drug addiction. Now what. Most of us have heard that a key component to recovery from addiction is going to drug rehab treatment. We have also heard it can be very costly. Don’t let that stop you from getting the care you need. If you have Health Net Insurance, you many have coverage for your alcohol and drug addiction treatment. Your insurance provider has a large variety of coverage options, one of which Health Net Drug Rehab Coverage. It can be an effective way to pay for treatment. Read the following to learn more about your Health Net Insurance options and how it can help cover the costs of Alcohol and Drug addiction treatment.

Will Health Net Drug Rehab Coverage Help?

Many who need drug rehab treatment never even try because they don’t think they can afford it. With Health Net Drug Rehab Coverage, much of your treatment experience could be paid for. Remember, there are many ways to pay for drug rehab. Insurance is only one way. There are many forms of financing available as well. Your Health Net coverage may only cover a part of your treatment. At ATS we help you in securing optional financing to cover what costs remain so don’t let anything stop you from getting the help you need.

With the passing of The Affordable Care Act, or ACA, getting coverage for alcoholism or drug addiction must be addressed as a medical condition and therefore, is more likely to have benefits available. If you are a Health Net Insurance policy holder, whether it is an individual plan, family plan of a work provided plan, you are eligible for coverage for your drug rehab treatment costs. Exactly what and how much is covered depends on the Health Net insurance plan you have and if the program you have chosen to attend is contracted as a Health Net provider. ATS is on such provider and their dedicated admissions team will gladly assist you in processing your VOB to determine exactly where you are in regard to cost coverage.

More About Health Net

According to the Health Net website, Health Net is a health insurance provider based in Los Angeles, CA that covers almost six million Americans. Health Net provides coverage throughout the nation. Health Net was first established as a nonprofit in 1977, and it has a long history of providing medical treatments to policyholders throughout the United States. Health Net is one of the top-rated insurance companies when it comes to drug rehab coverage.

Using Health Insurance to Pay for Rehab

If you are a Health Net Insurance policy holder you are well on your way to drug rehab treatment cost coverage. Health Net offers two premier policies, the Silver and Gold plans, which can pay for drug rehab treatment costs entirely and your upfronts costs as well. Some of Health Nets other policies may pay complete costs but limit the number of days you can stay in treatment. In those cases, our expert admissions team can work directly with your insurance provided to determine continuing coverage or other means of financing your treatment in its entirety. At ATS we are committed to our client’s full recovery and going to any lengths to assist you in making that happen. We do not want you leaving before the miracle of recovery from alcohol and drug addiction has occurred.

Be aware that even insurance policies that state they cover all your drug rehab treatment cost you may still be liable for out of pocket deductibles and/or any services not specifically covered.

The bottom line is, don’t let finances stop you from achieving a lifetime of sobriety and happiness. Invest in you and you will not be sorry. ATS is here to help.

Is Rehab Really Necessary?

The reason Drug and Alcohol Treatment matters is because it works. It has been shown that going through drug rehab followed by continued support programs gives the individual the best chance for long term, sustainable recovery from addiction. The best staff and programing offer the best outcomes overall.

An important component the best drug rehab facility has in common is a low client to staff ratio, meaning more individual attention is given to each client. Another common component is highly qualified and credentialed staff that participate in on-going education and training in order to stay on top of the most current therapeutic approaches to treatment of alcohol and drug problems.

ATS offers all the best there is in drug rehab treatment. Each of these are key to your long-term success and a life of sobriety beyond your dreams. ATS offers a therapeutic approach that includes

  • Family program
  • Weekly one-on-on therapy sessions with credential therapist
  • Group counseling
  • CBT
  • DBT
  • Experiential expressive therapies
  • Health and Wellness
  • Mental health
  • Life Skills groups

With Health Net drug rehab coverage your journey through treatment can cost a lot less then you would think. ATS is contracted with Health Net and is best suited to assure your best outcomes for both treatment cost coverage and treatment outcomes.

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