Jim Herndon graduated from the University of Washington’s School of Medicine Physician Assistant program in 2002. Jim is currently the Director of Treatment Services at Advanced Therapeutic Services, which he founded with his wife, Josie Herndon as well as the Founder of Addiction Medicine Consulting.  He continues to provide medical consulting services at three local substance abuse treatment centers, Michael’s House, Bella Monte, and Sovereign Health. Jim started working in the field of addiction medicine at The Betty Ford Center in 2002 and in 2008, he became Medical Director of ABC Recovery.

Jim was published in 2005 in the ASAM Journal of Addictive Diseases, having co-authored an abstract recognizing that Buprenorphine detoxification increases patient retention in treatment. This protocol has since become a nationally recognized model for opiate detoxification. He has continued his work with alcoholics and addicts, accessing and treating their medical needs.

“I’ve been in recovery for the last 23 years and truly believe that people with addiction can get well and can move forward in their lives.”