Once you have realized you have an alcohol or drug problem the next step is to seek out the best drug rehab. Treatment for alcohol and drug related issues can be costly. If you have Cigna Insurance, you may be wondering if your drug rehab will be covered. Under current healthcare/government guidelines, insurance companies must provide coverage for addiction treatment like any other medical condition including Cigna. Coverage is built into your policy.

Coverage Can Vary

Understanding your policy and what, if any of your drug rehab costs are covered can be challenging. Each case is reviewed individually, and coverage will vary from case to case. Our qualified staff at ATS will assist you in discovering your benefits as well as offering options for alternative payments.

About Cigna Drug Rehab Coverage

Cigna insurance has been mandated to offer behavioral health benefits according to government guidelines, including alcohol and drug treatment programs. Your policy could cover all or some levels of care including residential treatment, medical detox, PHO or outpatient services. There are often restrictions to each policy. You may need a direct referral from your primary care physician in order to receive pre-approval for your drug and alcohol rehab.

Why Getting Treatment through a Quality Treatment Center Matters?

The reason Drug and Alcohol Treatment matters is because it works. It has been shown that going through drug rehab followed by continued support programs gives the individual the best chance for long term, sustainable recovery from addiction. The best staff and programing offer the best outcomes overall.

An important component the best drug rehab facility has in common is a low client to staff ratio, meaning more individual attention is given to each client. Another common component is highly qualified and credentialed staff that participate in on-going education and training in order to stay on top of the most current therapeutic approaches to treatment of alcohol and drug problems.

Many of the top rehab programs, including ATS, offer luxury amenities such as message, meditation, yoga and acupuncture that add to the comfort and serenity necessary for an enjoyable experience.

It is important for you to be safe and protected to the day to day triggers that contribute to your drug and alcohol addiction issues. Checking in to treatment gives you the time away from those triggers. It makes getting access to drugs and alcohol difficult while providing supportive staff that is necessary when facing real life challenges that normally would drive you to your addiction.

The final component the best drug rehab programs offer is a comprehensive Family Program. Most often, our addiction can be connected to family dynamic and complex relationship issues. Having a structured, supportive program where families can come together and work through complex issues with qualified staff allows for long term recovery.

Drug Addiction Treatments

What has historically made recovery difficult is the simple fact that no two people are affected the same, no two cases of drug or alcohol problems look the same. This has made the approach to treatment and recovery more complex. What the best drug rehab facilities including ATS know is that there must be a program that can be adjusted to everyone’s needs.

The top drug and alcohol rehab programs understand that clients come to treatment for many different reasons and as a result there needs to be a large variety of therapeutic offerings to ensure the best possible outcomes for everyone. The goal is long term sustainable recover from alcoholism and drug addiction. What you want to make sure the drug rehab you choose includes at least some, if not all the following:

  • Family program
  • Weekly one-on-on therapy sessions with credential therapist
  • Group counseling
  • CBT
  • DBT
  • Experiential expressive therapies
  • Health and Wellness
  • Mental health

Winning the Fight over addiction at ATS

Freedom from addiction is not easy for anyone but choosing the right drug rehab can make all the difference. When you are in an environment that supports recovery, you are less likely to be exposed to drugs and alcohol. You will have the support of qualified and committed staff as well as a group of your peers walking the path of recovery with you.

Drug Rehab cost can put treatment out of reach to many. With the current health care guidelines, though, companies like Cigna Insurance offer great coverage which makes it more affordable and more likely you will get the care and treatment you need to recover and build a healthy life. Every little bit helps. At Advanced Therapeutic Services, we do all we can to make it easier to access the best possible drug rehab available.

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