Alcohol and drug addiction is a crippling disease. It leaves a trail of broken dreams, broken families and financial ruin. It is often difficult to know what to do. It had been proven that the most successful way to recover is drug rehab. Your Value Option Insurance Policy can help cover your drug rehab fees.

Is Drug Rehab Covered by Insurance?

Value Options adheres to the passing of The Affordable Care Act, or ACA, which classifies alcoholism and drug addiction as a medical condition, a disease. This classification mandates that coverage be comparable to other diseases such as Cancer or Diabetes.

Exactly what and how much is covered depends on the Value Options insurance plan you have. ATS is a preferred provider and our dedicated admissions team will gladly assist you in processing your Verification of Benefits to determine exactly where you are in regard to cost coverage.

How much will Value Options drug rehab coverage pay? That depends on the type of treatment that you’re receiving. Copays and deductibles vary from plan to plan. We’ll verify your benefits, so you understand how much you’ll have to pay out-of-pocket.

What is Value Options Drug Rehab Coverage Like?

Most Hospital and rehab facilities accept Value Options plans, especially for individuals who have the Plan 1 memberships. The coverage offered for drug rehab on most policies is very comprehensive and they have made access extremely easy. Coverage for drug rehab as a Value Options policy holder includes services such as detoxification, residential treatment services, outpatient services and individual therapy sessions.

Each level of care is essential for successful recovery from drug addiction. Detox is the first step in your journey to sobriety. Value Options offers coverage for detox programs if the chosen program is in-network. ATS is a contracted service provider for Value Option policy holders. Again, to utilize the benefits you must have a Plan 1 membership. The Plan II Value Option policy member may not be covered for such services.

What services not covered by your Value Options policy will be out-of-pocket to you. The admissions staff at ATS will help you determine your policies benefits, your possible out-of-pocket costs and the options for covering any outstanding fees.

Value Options, like so many other insurance companies, often limit their coverage to short-term drug rehab stays. The specific meaning of “short-term” depends on the treatment plan designed for you by your medical professional team.

The admissions team at ATS will conduct a full assessment to ensure that the services provided meet and or exceed your treatment needs. This process takes time and you may not know immediately what, if any costs are covered by your Value Options policy. The staff at ATS will do their best on your behalf to expedite your verification of benefits and design your individualized treatment plan.

The best way to assure your Value Options policy covers your drug rehab costs is to complete the admissions process and allow our specialists to fight for you.

Why is it So Important to Get Treatment at a Quality Rehab Center?

If you are ready to recover from a drug addiction, then your next step is to find a quality rehab. Many people attempt to recover on their own. Some are successful. More often it is too difficult to recover on their own. For the best results there needs to be support, safety and accountability. When you combine qualified professional staff with peer support and time away from daily triggers you have the best chances of full recovery and a happy life. Only the best drug rehab facilities, like ATS can provide all you need for success. Call our admissions team today 760-322-1777.

Begin Recovery with ATS

At ATS, as a Value Options in-network provider, the best comprehensive care is available in a serene, safe and professional setting. From the moment you step in the doors of ATS your journey begins. You will never have to struggle alone again. Our staff and your peers will become your family and your doorway to happiness. The goal is long term sustainable recover from alcoholism and drug addiction. Clients at ATS have some of the best services offered including the following:

  • Family program
  • Weekly one-on-on therapy sessions with credential therapist
  • Group counseling
  • CBT
  • DBT
  • Experiential expressive therapies
  • Health and Wellness
  • Mental health

Your Battle ends NOW. Victory over addiction starts TODAY! Call ATS Now: 760-322-1777