If you have decided you are ready for rehab, congratulations! So now what? How do you know where to go? How do you choose? There are many drug rehab options in Rancho Mirage and the surrounding area. So where should you go?


It is best to detox from alcohol and drugs at a detox facility. It is not recommended you attempt to detox on your own. This can be very dangerous and possibly life threatening.

Your greats risk for relapse comes immediately after detox before entering alcohol and drug rehab. For best results and to lessen the risk of relapse it is recommended you go directly to treatment from detox. The best drug rehab programs either offer detox services or have strong relations with a detox program who work together to transport you from detox directly into treatment.

High Quality Service equals High Quality Recovery

Now that you are safely detox from Alcohol, the next step is to enter an Alcohol and Drug AbuseTreatment program. Examples of high quality programming include:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy which can help you identify patterns in your thoughts and behaviors and how they are having an overall negative impact.
  • Family therapy moves focus from the individual to the family system. Here the client looks at co-dependency problems and communication breakdowns and develops tools for healing and improved relations.
  • Holistic Therapies can include yoga and meditation practices, journaling, massage, or acupuncture which focus on emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing.
  • Group therapy introduces you to relapse prevention planning and positive peer support other process groups where both therapist and attendees work together in the healing and recovery process
  • Live Skills education through groups, workshops, assessments and coaching.
  • Comprehensive Aftercare and Alumni Services allows for continued peer and therapeutic support and is the first step in building a recovery community of your own.

There are plenty of additional therapy options. The goal is to find the right mix that works for you and encourages healing. Your therapist will start you with a custom protocol that he or she might adjust if necessary. Doing so guarantees that you undergo pinpointed specialty therapy rather than general treatment.

What is Client-Centered Treatment

There are many drug rehab facilities offering a one size fits all program of treatment. There is no flexibility of variation offered. This type of setting can feel like you are merely a number and not a client seeking help for your addiction. A good-quality treatment center will spend time on assessing you and your specific therapeutic needs and will design a program of recovery that best suits you. Recovering from alcohol and drug addiction is difficult, treatment should not be. The best drug rehab operates on a client-centered philosophy. That means if there is a service that would support your well being and recovery, they will offer it through another resource as an auxiliary service. Client-centered means meeting the client’s individual needs, whatever they are.

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