Rancho Mirage and the Coachella Valley Desert area has an abundant amount of drug and alcohol rehab programs. You can find anything from inpatient hospital-based programs to self-help programs like 12-step meetings.

Inpatient Drug Rehab in Rancho Mirage

There are a few options for inpatient in the Rancho Mirage area. Inpatient is a good option for people needing to detox as well as a more confined setting for drug and alcohol treatment. Often those seeking inpatient have complex medical or emotional concerns accompanying their addiction issues. This is also an option for those coming to rehab in Rancho Mirage needing housing if there are no options for transitional living or sober living available.

Outpatient Drug Rehab in Rancho Mirage

There are other options for drug rehab in Rancho Mirage. Outpatient drug rehab programs can offer the same level of care and high-quality treatment as an inpatient program but allows less interruption in your daily life and fewer restrictions. Some seeking alcohol and drug rehab in Rancho Mirage have a necessity to return to their home life in the evening or maybe do not have time to interrupt their work life for treatment and an evening IPO program.

Transitional and Sober Living

Also available to those seeking drug rehab in Rancho Mirage is the option of transitional living or sober living. Transitional living is generally directly connected with a drug rehab whereas sober living homes operate independently, allowing residents the flexibility to attend drug rehab, school, work or volunteer.

Your Drug and Alcohol recovery starts now

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