Rehab Insurance Options for addiction

Rehab insurance options vary. Alcohol and Drug Treatment is costly like other medical services. This can cause added stress and concern for those individuals or families seeking addiction treatment. Many in need never seek treatment because of these financial concerns. Understanding and navigating the Insurance process in general is very complex, regardless of the situation. It can be overwhelming and challenging to relay your individual situation and secure the services you need. Since addiction had been determined to be an incurable disease by the medical community and it has a high rate of relapse, insurance companies often make the determination of services difficult at best. It is a challenging process for the client and for the treatment provider. For your best chance of approval, each treatment facility has a specialist experienced in the insurance coverage process and can help determine your insurance rehab options.

Drug and Alcohol rehab services covered by insurance

Every drug rehab has their own insurance coverage policies, insurance contact and insurance rehab options. When most individuals purchase health insurance, there is often not forethought to include to cover for drug and alcohol rehab services. As a result, the individual may be denied coverage or the policy may only cover a part of service costs.  However, since much of the services provided by most insurance rehab options is considered a medical cost and its possible that your health insurance policy does cover it in some extent.

Will my insurance cover treatment?

There is no addendum to your insurance policy that specifically covers drug rehab out of network, there may by an option for a single case agreement. Insurance companies may override coverage when questioning whether or not you have a pre-existing condition. This is a policy is true for all claims with your insurance company. Because addiction is in fact a medical disease, it requires medical treatment. Your Health insurance policies could cover these medical costs. Because the specifics will vary from policy to policy, have your benefits verified now to better understand what your specific policy covers.