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    What To Do If Your Teen Is On Drugs

    Addiction is an epidemic, not just in the United States of America, but across the entire world. What’s worse is that most addicts start their use in their teenage years. Teen addiction is a pretty serious problem and it’s something that parents should be actively concerned about. Because of external factors, such as peer pressure, […]

    Parents – signs your son or daughter may need help

    How can I tell if my son or daughter is on drugs? Teenage addiction is a rampant issue in the United States, so much so that some people think our very future as a nation is at stake. As a role model and guardian of your teen, it’s paramount that you do everything you can […]

    Experiential outings at Addiction Therapeutic Services

    One of my favorite and most inspiring experiences here at Addiction Therapeutic Services (ATS) is the time spent with clients exploring the natural wonders in the Palm Springs area. When I get to be a part of the wonder, the connection, the awe that a client or clients shares when first introduced to the beauty […]

    Naltrexone Therapy

    Self Medicating

    Anxiety Disorders and Substance Abuse It is perfectly normal to experience mild anxiety. The Journal of Individual Differences stated that anxiety in small amounts has the ability to give people the motivation needed to excel at their duties or tasks. Unfortunately, the some 40 million American adults suffering from an anxiety disorder, stress and fear […]

    sober living rancho mirage

    Substance Abuse Therapy and Sober Living Rancho Mirage

    When it comes to recovering from addiction, camaraderie is an important treatment element.  While some might not consider the social aspect as all that important to addiction recovery, and would probably hesitate to call it a treatment element, the fact is that group therapy and sober living provide a social support system that is essential […]

    aa in the desert

    Outpatient Addiction Rehab and AA in the Desert

    Outpatient Addiction Rehab and A.A. in the Desert There is something very comforting about being around others who share a common challenge.  This is the reason why addiction treatment programs emphasize both group therapy, in outpatient and inpatient settings, and the 12-step recovery groups.  Sharing individual experiences and struggles with peers provides a powerful dynamic […]

    Alcohol Withdrawal

    Alcohol Withdrawal and the Importance of a Medically Monitored Detox

    Alcohol Withdrawal and the Importance of a Medically Monitored Detox If you know you need to get help to quit drinking but are terrified of the detox process, understand that while the short-term may look scary, the long-term benefits of sobriety will far surpass the few miserable days in detox. There is no arguing that […]