Video Presentations on Demand

    Dr. Jessica Rodriguez presenting on Family Systems Strategies and Interventions

    Dr. Albert Lai presents Naltrexone Implant: A New Tool to Support Recovery

    Samira Noorali Presents A Poetic Journey to Recovery

    Dr. Louise Stanger Presents Triple Threat Beyond Dual Diagnosis

    Kevin McCauley, M.D. Presents An Update on The Neurscience of Addiction & Recovery

    Saleem Noorali, M.A., L.C.S.W. and Samira R. Noorali, J.D. on Compassion Attentive Therapy

    Suzanne Jessee presenting on Escape Anxiety

    Randy Boyd presenting on Healing The Man Within: Hope for Victims of Childhood Sexual Abuse.

    Stephen Sideroff, Ph.D presenting on The Path: Mastering the Nine Pillars of Resilience and Success

    James W. Golden, M.D. Presents Addiction, The Brain and The Practical Tools to Enahnce Sustained Recovery

    Dr. Manish Sheth on New Options for Treatment of Co-Morbidities in Dual Diagnosis Clients

    Larry Smith, LAADC, CAS, III presenting on Positive Psychology, Happiness & Addiction Treatment

    Dr. Terry Eagan & Beata Lundeen Presenting Prayer for Compassion

    William Woodbury, CAAD II, LAADC Presents Enabl-ism

    Carol Teilbaum, LMFT & Robert Teitelbaum Introduces Book Frogs and Snails and Mobster Tails