The state of California is a great place to live. California is a great place to work. Lastly, it’s a great place for Recovery. California is home of some of the best drug rehab programs in the country. It is also known as the home of some of the best recovery communities around.

What is California Drug Addiction Treatment?

California is known to have more drug rehab treatment centers than any other state. You can find hundreds of places for detox, inpatient, intensive outpatient, addiction specialists and 12-step programs. Inpatient programs offer the most comprehensive, inclusive treatment where the client lives and attends to programing in a contained location such as Recovery Treatment Homes and Hospital settings. Inpatient, also known as residential treatment, provides safety from day to day triggers and stressors a new client might face. Outpatient programs offer the client comparable treatment services to inpatient exception for returning home at the end of the day treatment day. The advantage is cost savings and less interruption of family and work life but adds to the possibility of struggle due to access to alcohol and drugs and dealing with those same day to day stressors without the continuous support of peers and professionals. California is home to every treatment philosophy and approach from conventual 28-day residential treatment with a simple approach to recovery to Holistic Drug Rehab programing all the way to exclusive, private individual treatment services. California has the exact treatment program for your needs.

Strong Sober Community for lasting Recovery

Time and time again the most common complaint about drug rehab treatment in California comes from those clients who travel to a California based treatment program and not for the reason you can imagine. California has the strongest sober community where you can find a place that fits perfectly. One of the characteristics and consequences of alcoholism and drug addiction is isolation from others. A sober community is a must for long term sustainable recovery. Californians are blessed with thousands of 12-step and alternative recovery meetings spanning from one end of the state to the other. The concept of community lives here. That is the one thing that out of state clients regret, leaving the community. A quality drug rehab, like ATS, will work with their clients to build the skills to create, participate and thrive in a sober community no matter where you are. Sober living houses can be found in every city as well as addiction specialists and continuing care services. Many clients choose to stay in California for at least a year and many decide to move here for good.

Why California?

California has it all. Great weather year-round. The largest sober community. Home of the highest quality drug rehab treatment programs. Active recovery community. Diversity and a warm welcome to all who come. ATS drug rehab facilities are located in the beautiful desert valley of Palm Springs California. We offer a serene setting with the most comprehensive treatment services available. The desert recovery community is rich in diversity, recovery and success.: [av_heading tag=’h4′ padding=’0′

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