You do not have to continue to suffer from alcohol abuse and the mental, physical and social consequences any longer. There is help. You can overcome alcohol addiction. Most importantly, there is help. It is the rare occasion that anyone is able to overcome alcohol addiction alone. ATS can help. 760-322-1777

Outpatient Alcohol Rehab begins with detox

Withdrawing from Alcohol is very dangerous. The body is accustomed to a particular level of alcohol and any withdraw runs the risks of adverse withdraw symptoms. It is NEVER recommended you withdraw alone, at home, without medical assistance from either your medical professional or a detox program.

Seizures and delirium tremens (DTs) are the greatest concern for anyone detoxing from alcohol. Not everyone experiences (DTs) when going through alcohol withdraw but if you do you will need medical assistance. Alcohol withdraw can cause not only physical but psychological damages as well. Medical intervention is always recommended for alcohol withdraw, no matter how much or how little someone has been drinking.

During detox, a specialist customizes a withdrawal protocol for you. There may be a need for medical intervention in the form of prescription medication and sometimes an IV for liquids including potassium if you are experiencing dehydration. Medication can help ease withdrawal symptoms, alleviate pain, and keep you comfortable throughout the process. Detox usually takes 5 to 10 days depending on the severity of medical need. Once you have safely detoxed from alcohol you will then be ready to begin your alcohol abuse treatment.

What happens in rehab? How does it help?

Now that you are safely detox from Alcohol, the next step is to enter an Alcohol Abuse Treatment program. Examples of programming offered include:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy which can help you identify patterns in your thoughts and behaviors and how they are having an overall negative impact.
  • Family therapy moves focus from the individual to the family system. Here the client looks at co-dependency problems and communication breakdowns and develops tools for healing and improved relations.
  • Holistic Therapies can include yoga and meditation practices, journaling, massage, or acupuncture which focus on emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing.
  • Group therapy introduces you to relapse prevention planning and positive peer support other process groups where both facilator and attendees work together in the healing and recovery process. Alcohol rehab thrives on a therapeutic atmosphere, you immerse yourself in healing. Intensive treatment is ideal for people who’ve been drinking for a while. Remember, for you to safely and successfully recovery from alcohol abuse it is recommended that you do so through rehab treatment. To learn more about Alcohol Rehab and how it can help, call your experienced team today. We can help!

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