Aetna Drug Rehab Coverage Information can vary from policy to policy. Recognizing you have an alcohol or drug addiction problem can be both a shock and a relief. Admitting there is a substance abuse problem is the first step toward getting the help you need and experiencing a life of sobriety. Finding the right drug rehab center for your treatment services is crucial as it can make or break your chances for success in of getting clean and sober. One of the stumbling blocks in seeking substance abuse treatment is the cost and if your insurance policy will cover any costs. Every drug rehab center has its own admissions criteria, including what insurance policies they accept. Advanced Therapeutic Services Rehab Center in Riverside County, California has contracts with most insurance companies, including Aetna. Below is information about Aetna drug rehab coverage.

Will Aetna Drug Rehab Coverage Cover Substance Abuse Treatment?

If you or your loved one has an Aetna health insurance policy, it will cover your drug rehab treatment thanks to the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The ACA requires insurance companies to cover medical conditions, including alcohol and drug addiction. Alcohol and drug addiction is a serious disease and the treatment required for recovery is extensive. Even though the Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires the insurance companies to pay, the degree of coverage you receive depends on the specific insurance plan and their own stated criteria for care.

Drug addiction is a serious disease that requires extensive treatment. However, the exact degree of coverage you receive for drug rehab depends on your specific insurance plan. There are insurance policies that will cover all of the treatment costs, while many only cover a fraction of the treatment charges. The treatment facility can verify your benefits to confirm exactly what your plan covers.

What Can You Expect with Aetna?

Aetna’s healthcare network serves approximately 23.5 million people. Aetna coverage offers a wide array of benefits, including drug rehab treatment. Aetna has a comprehensive system of approval that consists of specific criteria for a drug rehab center to be approved as a provider partner. Some substance abuse treatment centers will qualify for full coverage of payment for the treatment length of stay. Many will only qualify for partial while some may not qualify for payment re-imbursement what so ever.

Aetna drug rehab coverage recognizes your drug rehab can go well past the previous standard of 28 days of inpatient treatment. Today, you can expect drug rehab to design individual treatment plan that suits your particular needs based on the severity of your addiction, the drug(s) you have abused, how long you suffered your addiction and any medical conditions as a result of your alcohol or drug addiction.. Aetna’s insurance policies cover detox, inpatient treatment, intensive outpatient treatment and aftercare as long as the drug rehab treatment program meets criteria as mentioned above. Aetna sets its standard of coverage based on your individual need.

Why is Treatment at the Right Facility So Important?

Drug addiction is a serious matter and should be treated as such. Finding the right drug rehab that meets your needs is so important. With the right facility you will be able to achieve freedom from drug addiction and experience addiction recovery and having your life line up for success. The drug rehabs admissions process is the best tool you have in finding the right treatment program for your yourself or your loved one. They are best equipped to do process a full assessment for appropriate treatment plans and know how to navigate the insurance company coverage system, removing the stress of completing and understanding the process yourself..

The admission process consists of drug rehab staff asking you a series of questions in order to fully assess your situation, condition and needs and whether their services are your best chance to achieve you recovery goals. There will be several forms of assessments used to gather the necessary information to determine if your Aetna drug rehab coverage ensures that you can find the right facility based on your plan through the company’s extensive network.

Don’t skip any steps. It is important that you follow the drug rehabs admissions process in order to assure the best outcomes. It is important to remember that just as no two individual has the same level of addiction, symptoms, conditions or medical needs, not every program is going to be the right fit for every person. Let the drug rehab staff help you. Begin your new lease on life today by call ATS drug rehab 760.322.1777.