Realizing you have a drug or alcohol problem can be a hard realization. Once you know you have a drug problem the most common question becomes ‘now what?’. Maybe your friends, family, your doctor or someone else suggested drug rehab. Now the second question becomes ‘where do I go for drug rehab and how do I pay for it? Will my insurance cover any of it?’ The good news is yes, in most cases. The current government guidelines in place can be in your favor.

Let’s look at what Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance offers in the way of help.

What Do Insurers Look For?

Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance Company is well known for their drug rehab benefits. They have a system of review which they use to determine if a drug rehab facility can qualify as a drug rehab, they will pay benefits on. Blue Cross Blue Shields goal is to make sure any drug rehab they pay benefits offers the best quality of care for their clients. A few of the mandatory features the highest rated facilities must include: Examples of features that excellent facilities possess include:

  • CARF (Commission of Accredited Rehabilitation Facilities) accreditation assure that an institutions programing for quality of care is delivered and meets stated outcomes
  • Certified and Credentialed staff including Psychologist, Marriage Family Therapists, Masters level therapists, and Drug and Alcohol Counselors.
  • A documented record of continued education and training of all staff members. Continuity in credentials and certifications as well as on-going training shows long-term commitment to high-quality of client care.
  • Drug rehab programs that combine individual psychotherapy with group therapy options for participants
  • Treatment choices that include multiple levels of care including Residential, PHP, Intensive Outpatient, Outpatient, and aftercare including transitional living and sober living as well as alumni support.

About Blue Cross Blue Shield Drug Rehab Payments

Most often, the Blue Cross Blue Shield drug rehab benefits payout on PPO plans. There are a broad variety of options for policies all over America. It is estimated that BCBS covers over 1/3 of the nation’s insurance users. Look on both sides of your insurance card for more information on your specific insurance plan.

Why the Insurance Company’s Due Diligence Matters to You

Asking for and receiving help for your alcohol and drug addiction problem takes courage. Once you complete your drug rehab, your life will never be the same. You already know that your life is heading in the wrong direction, what you don’t know is what to do about it. How to stop the addictive habits. Drug rehab treatment can stop addiction in its tracks and turn your life around. It is important to know that not all drug rehab programs are the same. So how do you assure that you are choosing the right facility for you?

The hallmark of high-quality rehab facilities is Accreditation. The two types of Accreditation for drug rehabs are JACO and CARF. A treatment facility that goes through the process of accreditation it shows they are fully committed to the highest quality of client care. It is a true commitment to excellence. Once the facility has prepared (up to a year process) they then invite the accreditation team to thoroughly inspect and review their program. After the drug rehab has achieved accreditation, you can be assured there is back up to all their claims and proof of success. That is why accreditation is vital to choosing the right drug rehab for you.

Accreditation is not the only criteria vital to excellence. Other important aspects include:

  • Offering clients an individualized approach to therapeutic experience.
  • Qualified staff to properly assess and implement correct therapeutic programing to fit each client needs including dual diagnosis issues
  • A safety-first approach with clients including separate gender group settings as well as gender topics
  • Highly trained staff that understands the specific needs of the LGBTQ community
  • Offering a broad spectrum of holistic therapy programs including yoga, message, pet-therapy and equine therapy.

Will Blue Cross Blue Shield Drug Rehab Pay for Treatment?

Here at ATS we have a highly qualified team of admissions and intake counselors to help you determine your benefits and assist you in alternative financing of your drug rehab treatment.

How to Get Help for a Drug or Alcohol Problem Today

You need help now. There is no more time to waste. This cannot go on any longer. Let us help you. We have compassionate and well-trained staff to make this process easy for you. We will check your Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance policy and contact your provider so you can find relief now. ATS has been helping countless others just like you recover from alcohol and drug addiction and live a happy healthy life. Call us today at 760-322-1777 to get started.