Advanced Therapeutic Services was proud to be a co-sponsor for the Women’s CEO Global Alliance Conference in Pacific Grove, CA.   As WCEOGA’S website says, the organization “is taking on a stronger leadership role on behalf of treatment providers in areas such as treatment standards, education, research, and advocacy of legislative, regulatory and reimbursement positions supported by the field.” With well-recognized speakers like Agapi Stassinopolous and Pepper Schwartz, among other experts in behavioral health care, this beautiful event inspired women throughout the industry to be the best leaders they can be.

ATS’s CEO Josie Herndon is a Founding Member of WCEOGA and Co-Chair for the conference which was held in mid-March.  She and Beata Lundeen of the organization, Prayer for Compassion, led an uplifting roundtable discussion focused on servant leadership and spiritual Balance, while other lectures and discussions offered views on retirement planning, managing, motivation, promotion within an organization, leadership and startups, mentoring, protection of an organization, self-care, succession planning, managing crises and ethics.

What does participation in a conference of this kind mean practically for treatment?

First, more education and more access to mentorship in the field means women leaders will be more empowered to offer the highest standard of care for clients.  Also, all of the speakers encouraged self-care and pushed forward the idea that offering the best to employees and clients requires leaders to take care of themselves first.

Agapi Stassinopolous told the leaders, “everything is love,” among other powerful words. The cornerstone of her message inspired the women to lead with love, and while we’ve heard these sorts of words of late, Stassinopolous took love, respect, and dignity to a new level.  As a part of her talk she knelt to her knees and said, “I don’t want to shake your hand, I want to bow down to you.”

After several days of learning and bonding, the leaders left Pacific Grove excited to apply their newfound knowledge to their treatment programs and other behavioral health related businesses.

Learn more about the annual Women’s CEO Global Alliance Conference by calling (760) 459-1795 or visit the website at Women’s CEO Global Alliance Website.

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