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    Achieve a Calmer Mind with Compassion Attentiveness Therapy

    Compassion Attentiveness Therapy “You need get out of your head!” You are certain to have heard this emphatic plea from a loved one or a therapist at one or more stages of recovery. But whether you have fully taken it in and understood how to move out of that busy and tortuous head space is […]

    Nutrition in Early Recovery

    Nutrition in Early Recovery

    You are What You Eat! When an addicted individual seeks treatment, addiction treatment providers check immediately to see whether a drug or alcohol detox process is necessary. Properly licensed treatment facilities may perform the detox themselves or refer that client out to another facility where drugs are removed from the individual’s system. Given what we […]

    Simulation Experiences: Traditional Psycho-Education and Beyond

    Simulation Experiences We’ve all heard treatment centers use “client-centered care” in their marketing taglines, but have you wondered what that really means?  At the University of Southern California C-Suite Invitational last week, Dr. Eric Coleman invited professionals from all over the healthcare industry to reflect on what those words mean. The Professor of Medicine and […]

    National Mental Health Awareness Month

    1949 marked the first year of Mental Health Awareness Month in the United States.  Since then, May has been observed as a time when organizations and individuals could speak out, share their stories and help spread knowledge about mental health. There have been great strides in understanding the causes of mental illnesses as well as […]

    Gratitude: Gifts of Recovery from Unlikely Sources

    Spring is upon us.  The season is ripe for learning new lessons, being inspired and becoming more aware of all of the bounties of this existence – even for those feeling the recovery blues. The Gifts of Recovery are numerous and come from both ordinary and surprising sources.  It’s just up to each individual to […]

    Positive Psychology in Addiction Treatment

    Have you heard the buzz about the power of positivity? It’s hard to avoid if you have access to YouTube videos, a bookstore or a friends that have been swept up by one of the many  positive-thinking movements in pop culture. Are you telling yourself that changing your viewpoint can’t possibly change your reality? Are […]

    Inspiring Woman Leaders in Behavioral Healthcare

    Addiction Therapeutic Services was proud to be a co-sponsor for the Women’s CEO Global Alliance Conference in Pacific Grove, CA.   As WCEOGA’S website says, the organization “is taking on a stronger leadership role on behalf of treatment providers in areas such as treatment standards, education, research, and advocacy of legislative, regulatory and reimbursement positions supported […]