The Benefits of DUI Rehab Instead of Jail

So, you were driving and got pulled over and now you have a DUI. The fear of getting a DUI no doubt has your mind running to all the different possibilities.  Don’t be overwhelmed. Many have been here before. You may be asking yourself am I going to go to jail? How much is this going to cost me? What about my job? Can I go to rehab instead of jail?.  Becoming familiar with  your local DUI laws is a good place to start. You will want to get a good idea of what your local  “mandatory minimum sentences” and  sentencing requirements are. Local laws differ drastically especially by state. Some states, California for example, institutes separate punishments and requirements by both the local court and the DMV.

Understanding the Severity of a DUI

It is important to take in to account the severity of the DUI. Severity of charges can depend on, level of intoxication, if a controlled substance was involved, if there was a prescription for the substance, prior arrest history, if anyone was injured or any property was damaged, and many other factors. Judges typically look at a number of factors when deciding a sentence.  Judges are tasked with protecting the general public,and assuring that those that violate the law are penalized for criminal offences. Put yourself in the judge’s shoes and look at two cases. Case 1:  Person 1 gets arrested for DUI. Person 1 denies having a problem with substance abuse and does not attend treatment of any kind. Person 1 proceeds through the common procedure and waits to see the judge.   If you were the judge, considering that protection of the public is one of your main focuses what would you think? Perhaps this person is in denial of their substance abuse problem. Perhaps this person isn’t even aware that they might have a problem with substances.  Or perhaps this person doesn’t respect the law. Either way the judge is more likely to send person 1 to jail to consider these questions. It’s an “open and shut case”. Let’s look at person 2. Person 2 was arrested for a DUI. Person 2 contacts a local Rehab. Person 2 is actively attending rehab and has a letter from the facility showing that they are working on themselves. Person 2 is showing the judge that there was a problem, but they are being proactive toward making sure it doesn’t happen again. Person 2 is already working to resolve the problem before they even meet the judge.  Person 2 is more likely to address their DUI Rehab Instead of jail.  Judges and prosecutors want to see people making an attempt to correct their mistake. Otherwise, it is their job to punish those people in an attempt to “right the wrong”.

Looking at the DUI as a problem is easy to do. Getting a DUI is a disruption to your many areas of your life including, legal, financial, personal relationships. Focusing on the negative will only cause more stress and anxiety.  A better way to look at your DUI is an opportunity for growth. Take some time to look at your life and work on yourselfGoing to Rehab instead of jail can be a blessing in disguise.

A DUI Client Shares Their Experience

One rehab client shares their story. “I was just trying to get home and I saw the flashing red and blue lights behind me. I could instantly feel the knot in my stomach well up and the cold sweat on my face. I remember the panic thinking that I had never been arrested before. I did some occasional drinking but I didn’t think I was out of control. I thought I was okay to drive and I hadn’t hurt anyone. Things started to get worse as I focused on all the things I could have done different, different streets I could have taken, waiting till later to drive, what would happen to me if I went to jail.  I talked to my attorney and he recommended that I look at a local rehab. I really didn’t think I had a problem but figured what’s the worst thing that could happen if I just did it. I talked to the rehab and they told me about outpatient treatment. They told me that I could come during the day or night for a few hours a day instead of being locked up. Obviously, I didn’t want to go to jail and figured I would try this out. The staff at the rehab helped me through every step of the process and worked with my attorney. I ended up getting a “ wet reckless” instead of a DUI and learned about myself along the way. I went to DUI Rehab instead of jail”

DUI Rehab Instead of Jail Can Help

Seeing the flashing red and blue lights behind you is only a small part of the problem.  While a fair portion of people who get a DUI are “unlucky” most have underlying problems. In 2014, 10.1 million people reported driving under the influence of illicit drugs.  The Average number of people arrested annually for drunk driving is 1,500,000. Substance abuse clinicians overwhelmingly agree that a DUI arrest is a strong indicator that treatment may be needed.

Advanced Therapeutic Services (ATS) Works with DUI Clients

If you or a loved one has been pulled over for a DUI, whether it was your first offense, second, or more, we can help. Our clinical team provides in depth substance abuse evaluations, outpatient treatment and therapy, and recommendations for treatment. Call our Admissions Team to learn more about the benefits of DUI Rehab Instead of Jail and for a free and confidential assessment at 760-349-7007.