No one dreams of becoming an Alcoholic or Drug Addict. Especially Teenagers experimenting with drinking or trying drugs for the first time. Unfortunately, drug abuse often leads directly to drug addiction. Teens are more likely to become addicted that an adult due to their lack understanding or concern for consequences, They are also more willing to be creative and carefree on what and how much they will try. With that said, there still is no way who will and who will not become a drug addict. An occasional experimental drug use can quickly become drug abuse and lead to drug addiction and death for your Teen.

What Is Drug Abuse?

The statements above are pretty had to swallow. Before we look further into teenage drug abuse, its important understand just what constitutes drug abuse and addiction for anyone. Drug abuse refers to the use of drugs for recreational purposes on a regular basis. The behavior receives the classification of drug abuse as soon as it is used in any way other than ‘as prescribed’ by a medical professional for a medical condition. Once someone begins to use a substance with the intention of achieving an altered state it becomes abuse.

In the past when most people think of drug abuse, they typically think about marijuana, heroin, or cocaine. Today, when we think of drug abuse, prescription drugs such as Oxycodone, Xanax, Ambien, Norco’s and Adderall immediately come to mind. Prescription drug abuse is as prevalent as any “street” drug now a days. It would be criminal to leave out the most underrated drug, alcohol!

Teenage Drug Abuse

There are many contributing factors to why teens abuse drugs. When a child becomes a pre-teen, or a teenager peer pressure is the strongest influential factor on their behavior. It is at this time parental influence can wane as the teenager turns to peer groups. The pressure to “fit in” becomes paramount in the life of every Teenager. This is the fuel to the fire of curiosity and experimentation. This can be a gateway to addiction. Another overlooked factor in Teen drug abuse can be the drive for success by family, peers or the institutions themselves. These teens feel a level of competitiveness the often has them turning to stimulates in order to work harder and longer. This behavior often leads to drug abuse and addiction.

The secret factor that no one wants to admit is that some teens are being raised in homes where one or both parents are abusing drugs and the teen can grow up believing there is nothing wrong with using drugs.

The most challenging of all is the possibility of mental health concerns such as depression, anxiety, ADHA, Trauma, and others. These Teenagers are often reaching for alcohol and drugs as a way to manage complex emotions and to dull the senses that seem too much to handle on their own. Unfortunately, there is often an accessible supply of medications in their own medicine cabinets and once that has been exhausted they seek other resources for substances.

How Does Drug Abuse in Teenagers Negatively Affect Them?

Drug abuse is dangerous for everyone. It can be especially dangerous for teens since we know that drug abuse it’s important to note that drug abuse affects the chemical balance in the brain. Having a chemical imbalance can lead to the development of mental disorders and developmental disorders. Teens are much more susceptible to this possibility based on the developmental stage of their young brain.

Let the ATS Professional Staff Provide Personalized Treatment for Your Teen
Getting Help at ATS

ATS drug rehab facilities provide treatment options from full-service drug addiction treatment for Teens. In the program you can expect the following:

  • Family program
  • Regular one-on-on therapy sessions with credential therapist
  • Group counseling
  • CBT
  • DBT
  • Peer support group
  • Experiential expressive therapies
  • Health and Wellness
  • Mental health
  • Life Skills 
  • Scholastic support

Choosing ATS for your Teens alcohol and drug addiction recovery services is the first step in freedom from the bondage of substance abuse and creating a life worth living. Our qualified, caring staff, beautiful and serine facilities and the breadth of treatment services is the pathway to success.

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