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    Sexual Abuse of Boys and The Path to Recovery

    Sexual abuse of men and boys is a little talked about issue.  Not enough people, clinicians included, know that this kind of trauma is being inflicted upon boys. To make matters worse, males are less likely to report sexual abuse than female victims. In the mid-1990s, the famous Adverse Childhood Experience Study reported that childhood […]

    Evening Outpatient Treatment

    Evening Outpatient Treatment for Addiction Recovery

    Evening Outpatient Treatment offers More Flexibility These days, people are often strapped for time, cash and support that meets their unique needs for addiction recovery. The corporate and government employment scene generally keeps people very busy from 8AM to 5PM not including a sometimes lengthy commute. School schedules are often replete with a variety of […]

    Stress and Emotional Self-Regulation

    Stress and Emotional Self-Regulation

    Managing Stress for Healthy Well-Being Stress is a universal problem. Research shows that stress can cause premature aging and lower the body’s immune system responses. Inability to self-regulate emotional and physical responses to feeling stressed out can lead to substance abuse and eventually addictions of various kinds. According to researcher, academian, and author, Dr. Stephen […]

    Health Insurance for Addiction Treatment

    Health Insurance for Addiction Treatment

    Using Health Insurance for Addiction Treatment Reduce Out of Pockets Costs for Rehab Health Insurance can help reduce the out of pocket costs for those looking for addiction and dual diagnosis treatment programs.  There are various types of insurances plans and range from county, government, employee, or privately funded plans.  Each addiction treatment provider may […]

    LGBTQ Treatment

    LGBTQ Treatment With a Focus on Transgender

    LGBTQ Treatment for Drug and Alcohol Addiction Addiction treatment centers in several states are becoming more keen on growing quality programs for LGBTQ clients, but there is still quite a ways to go.  While many counselors and therapists are being trained on the unique issues faced by those identify as LGBTQ, only few are truly […]

    Happy Holidays from the ATS Family & Friends!

    Josie & Jim Herndon and the Team at Addiction Therapeutic Services wishes everyone a peaceful and warm Holiday.  We look forward to seeing you in the New Year!

    Power of Prayer for San Bernardino Shooting Victims

    The Power of Prayer is in full force with the tragedy of the San Bernardino shooting. Josie Herndon, C.E.O. and Founder of Addiction Therapeutic Services attended the Vigil in her hometown of Loma Linda/San Bernardino, among thousands of others who gathered to pray. Josie and the ATS team are very saddened by this tragic and […]